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June 20, 2009


Susan Noyes

Excellent critique.

It is unfathomable to me that any thinking person who has investigated this truth independently could fail to see the flaws of the argument posited by Nakhjavani. I pray for the truth to come upon the majority heterodox Bahá’ís so that we may put this test behind us and proceed to the building of the true World Order of Bahá’í lláh with the living Guardian at its head.

In El Abhá,


A Baha'i steadfast in the covenant

Total misrepresentation.
You need to read the Will and Testemant of the Master and conditions He has imposed on appointing the Guardian.
By the way, your second guardian (Mason Remey) had rejected the first Guariand and said that he was the first guardian.
Your third guardian is a sham as well as he wasn't appointed by Remey either.
You need to understand your doings and be fearful of God of your destiny (if you have any)

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